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ETS Glock 10mm 15 round Magazine


ETS Glock 10mm 15 round Magazine

  • MFR#: GLK-20
  • UPC: 854094005683
  • CALIBER: 10mm
  • MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 15 rounds
  • # OF MAGS: One
  • FITS: Double Stack Glock 10mm pistols, and various



ETS Glock 10mm 15 round Magazine. Thls mag mil with Glock and aftermarket floorplates. Magazine


Il Glock double-stack 10mm pistols and any rifle or pistol that takes glock 10mm magazines. ETS magazines are also compatible tes with a Llfetime warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Fits the Glock 20, 29, and 40
  • Standard 15-round capaclty
  • Compatible with Glock and aftermarket floorplates
  • Easy disassembly with a specially designed baseplate
  • Ergonomically designed floorplate makes it easy to grab from mag pouches
  • Lifetime Warranty ETS Advanced Polymer Benefits:
  • Extrême Impact Résistance—won’t crack or break when dropped
  • Very résistant to harsh Chemicals
  • Superior heat, cold and UV résistance—won’t become brittle over time even when exposed to harsh
  • Translucent body—allowing you to see your ammo count and type
  • Creep résistant—the feed lips and body won’t spread when being stored long term even when fui ly loaded

ETS Glock 10mm 15 round Magazine

MFR#: GLK-20 UPC:854094005683


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